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Fast Eddie Sports - Southcoast Sports Professional Handicapper

Slade Henning of Southcoast Sports would like to welcome World Renown NFL Sports Handicapper Fast Eddie of Fast Eddie Sports to the team of Southcoast Sports Handicappers. Fast Eddie has been in the Sports Service Industry for over 18 years and brings a huge amount of knowledge to the site. Fast Eddie has agreed to follow the Southcoast Sports code of ethics, and will have his plays monitored at the sites listed below. Questions about Fast Eddie Sports? Check out his Bio below and you will see why he will be an added asset for the Southcoast Sports Team of Handicappers.

Fast Eddie Sports Handicapping and Betting Philosophy
Bet with your head, not over it.

Fast Eddie Sports Handicapping Experience
Fast Eddie has been in the Sports Service Industry for over 18 years and brings a huge amount of knowledge to the site.

Fast Eddie Sports Special Achievments in Handicapping
Ranked No.1 2006 NHL Season at Free Sports Monitor and Track Picks. Finished No. 3 for 2006 NFL Hilton Contest $60,600 cash prize. Finished No. 2 and No. 3 at Guru Tracker and Pro Cappers Challenge for 2006 college football. I Finished No. 1 at Wise Guy Talk 2006 MLB Play of the Day Contest. Finished Top 10 and Top 20 at many monitors for all sports handicapped.

Monitored at:

Cappers Watchdog


Fast Eddie Sports Most Memorable Moment
My best memorable gambling moment was when my wife and I took a trip to the Bahamas. They had a sportsbook and it was my first experience to bet at a live sportsbook. I noticed that they had a $3,000 limit on all college football sides, so I made the first bet on Iowa State -5.5 and my wife was in line behind me and she got Iowa State -6.5 for the same amount. When we walked away and sat down to look at our tickets I looked up at the big screen with all of the lines posted and saw that Iowa State had gone to -7! I could not believe that we had moved the number from Iowa State -5.5 to -7 and to top it all off, Iowa State won the game by 7 points. We flew back on the plane with a lot more money than we left home with.

Biggest Win of Fast Eddie�s  Career
New England Patroits money line winner +225 in Super Bowl over highly rated St. Louis Rams and Arkansas Razorbacks to win the Men's SEC Basketball Tournment money line winner +1600.

Toughest Loss of Fast Eddie�s Career
My biggest and most memorable loss of my career came while I was in Las Vegas. It was when Arizona State was losing outright to a West Coast underdog as a 7-point road favorite. I had the big no-name underdog +7 and we are winning the game outright with under 7:00 minutes to go in the game. ASU scores a TD to go up by four points with less than 3:00 minutes to go. My no-name underdog team gets the ball on the kickoff and has the ball around midfield. They get the ball to the ASU 30-yard line and it is fourth and four yards for the first down. I thought ??Yes, they will go for it and not get it and Arizona State will run out the clock.? No they didn't! The coach calls the field goal team onto the field to attempt a FG to go down by one point with now under a minute to go in the game. ??What is he thinking?? I thought. I knew that the only way I would lose was if ASU blocked the FG and ran it in for a TD. Guess what? ASU blocked the FG and picked the ball up around the 20-yard line and ran it back 80 yards for the TD to win by 11 points. I can still see that guy running the ball back. That memory will never leave me.

Favorite Team(s) to Play or Fade
I don't go by teams or coaches. I go with numbers. I love numbers!

What You Can Expect From Fast Eddie
We offer a sports handicapping service that is second to none. What makes Fast Eddie Sports different? While other sports handicapping services lie, cheat and make false claims, we are honest and forthcoming. If we lose we tell you and if we win we also tell you - not to mention that all of our sports picks are documented by some of the top sports monitors in the sports-betting industry. We pride ourselves on hard work, consistent winners and exceptional customer service to bring our clients back year after year. This is what has kept us in this industry while other services have passed by the wayside. What you can expect from Fast Eddie Sports is no outrageous or unsupported claim of hitting 80% or winning a 1,000,000 star lock - all records are able to easily verify, all plays released are monitored, documented and played by me, Fast Eddie. When you win, I win. We are all in this together. No pressure and no phone calls - you the customer choose when and how to interact with Fast Eddie Sports. Bottom line is that you will get the most professional sports handicapping service on the internet today.


All plays each and every day will be released 2 to 3 hours or earlier before 1st game of that day !

Contact Fast Eddie Sports at:



Fast Eddie Sports Daily Service $25.00 !!!

All Selections in all Sports for One Day !!!



Fast Eddie Sports Weekly Service $125.00 !!!

All Selections in all Sports for a Week !!!



Fast Eddie Sports Monthly Service $275.00 !!!

All Selections in all Sports for a Month !!!



Fast Eddie Sports Gold/Seasonal Package $500.00 !!!

All Selections in One Sport for One Year !!!


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