Poker Odds

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Poker Odds

Similarities Between Poker And Sports Betting: Odds and Math

One of the major similarities between poker and sports betting, besides the obvious one that both involve risking money on a predicted outcome that has yet to be determined, is the importance of math skills. While being successful at either poker or sports betting does not require knowledge of advanced Calculus, you will not get far in either without some basic mathematical skills. If you�re able to use
poker statistics and sports statistics to your advantage, you will have a great edge.

Odds in Poker and Sports Betting

All games of chance are all about odds. If the odds of an event are more likely to happen then the odds you are being offered, you have a good bet. For example if someone offers you 4-to-1 on the likelihood of an event happening and you know that event will happen one time out of three, you have a good bet, even if you don�t win that particular time. In sports betting, this situation is represented the money line. When it comes to poker probability, you have to consider the pot odds: If you will win a $50 pot more than one time out of six and it only costs you ten dollars to play, you should put in that ten dollars every time. If you are 4-to-1 to win a hand that is laying you 25-to-5 or 5-to-1 pot odds, you have positive expectation.

You will lose the hand four times at five dollars per loss for -$40, but win the fifth time for $50, rendering you ten dollars ahead. If you only stand to win a $30 pot, the pot is laying you only 3-to-1. You�ll lose the -$40 but only win $30 for a net loss of  ten dollars. In this case, you are definitely not pot-committed and you should fold rather than put in the five dollars.

Bankroll Management in Poker and Sports Betting

In both poker and sports betting, you need to make sure you have enough funds to ride out any swings that may occur. If you can�t figure out how much money you will need to overcome variance and start showing a profit before bad luck wipes you out, you could be ruined.

General Math Skills in Poker and Sports Betting

Good math skills allow one to think analytically, which is a requirement for any game of chance and skill. The kind of reasoned, logical analysis that applies to math problems can be used for working out which sports action to take and which poker hands to play out as well.





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